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Skape muligheter sammen (Creating opportunities together)  is a Norwegian-Honduran voluntary and nonprofit organisation, which was founded in 2014.  Our vision is to create opportunities for children and youth in Honduras, and a future where the individual can contribute positively in their own life and the local community as a whole

We have multiple volunteers in Norway and Honduras, who participate on a permanent basis. Additionally, people who receive support from SMS, give back by helping to organize social activities funded by Creating opportunities together. 

Skape muligheter sammen work to increase the opportunities of children and youth in Honduras through different stipends, information and guidance. Growing up in one of the poorest, most violent and corrupt country in the world, is for many children in Honduras primarily characterized by insecurity and hopelessness, where basic necessity such as food, education and security are missing from their life.

Through our areas of focus; health, education and social development, we wish to create an environment for children and youth to develop their inherent capabilities.

SMS mainly work in the municipalities of La Ceiba and Jutiapa in the county of Atlántida on the nothern Carebbean coast of Honduras. We focus on a small geographical area to be able to build trust in the local community and have a continuity in the work we do.

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