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The beginning of Skape muligheter sammen can be found all the way back to 2006. This year Øyvind K. Leidland traveled to Honduras with the American Field Service (AFS) and worked at the orphanage of the local organization Niños de la Luz for 7 months. In 2010, Elisabeth Leidland traveled, on private initiative to the same organization for six months, where she worked at the orphanage and primary school that was built by then.


Skape muligheter sammen is thus based on a nearly 15-year commitment to Honduras. It is this commitment that lead Elisabeth Leidland and Kirsten and Øyvind K. Leidland to found Skape muligheter sammen in 2014. The same year, Øyvind and Kirsten, with their three children, traveled and lived in Honduras for two years.

For Elisabeth's part, her commitment to Honduras led to her taking a master's degree in International Development Studies at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Ås. The master's thesis dealt with issues related to violence and stigmatization of vulnerable groups in the Honduran society especially among children an youth. The work on the master's thesis meant that Elisabeth had a one-year field work in Honduras.

The commitment to Honduras did not stop there, today Elisabeth is well on her way to a doctorate in sociology at Nord University. Her thesis deals with how emotions affect life choices for marginalized groups in the Honduran society. Elisabeth already has two longer periods in Honduras behind her in connection with her doctoral work.

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