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You can support the work of Skape muligheter sammen among children and young people in Honduras, as a reoccuring donor or by giving a one time gift. We have various donor options:

Paypal (green button on the bottom of this page)

  • One time donation

  • Reoccuring donation

  • Debit- or creditcard.

Bank/Wire transfer (Honduras):

Account number: 200012052722


Titular: Saralee Carolina Cruz Funez

Bank: Fichosa


Bank/Wire transfer (Norway):

IBAN: NO8232073053802


Your donation, regardless of amount, means a lot for the people it affects in Honduras. Any donation, either one-time or reoccuring donation, is very much appreciated.

Your donation will be used exclusively in Honduras. Nothing of your donation will be used for activities in Norway or trips to Honduras.

What do we use your donation for?

Gifts go in full to activities and projects in Honduras. Administration and salaries are covered by donors who give specifically for this.

Binding period, withdrawal frequency and termination

There is no lock-in period. You are chargd once a month, on a self-selected date. Termination can be done by stopping the transfer yourself or by contacting us, so that we can terminate the agreement from our side. Contact information can be found under Contact above.

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