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We are lucky to have been able to collaborate with Glinda's Bier. They are a family who keep bees, who live to på Sola. The operation is certified by the Food Safety Authority and they are a member of the Norwegian Beekeeping Association. For more information about the product and manufacturer, they can readhere. They can buy from us or directly from Glinda's Bier. If they buy directly from Glinda's Bees, it is nice if they tick that they heard about Glinda's bees from us. Then we get 25% of the sale price. 


We offer the sale of summer honey (250g), stirred heather honey (250g) and two different types of lip balm in our butikk. NOK 50 of the sales price for the honey goes to our work, and 30% of the sale price of the lip balms.

Honey and lip balm

PriceFrom kr60.00
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