Since its inception in 2014, Skape mulilgheter sammen (SMS) has been working to provide activities for children and youth in the local community. We want to provide a safe alternative to alcohol, drugs and violence that is common in the Honduran society.

Throughout the year, SMS marks several special days, such as Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Indigenous Day, Childrens Day, Independence Day, Christmas and New Year. For Hondurans, Mother's Day and Children's Day are the most important days during the year. SMS has also chosen to emphasize the indigenous peoples day, this as part of the identity-creating work we focus on.

In connection with the Free food program in Granadita we have different activities that children and youth can attend. Sometimes during the year we have different activity days. Activities here may be different such as drawing contests, other types of contests, teamwork, etc. Activities are much related to identity creation and collaboration.

Like all other places in the world, football is popular. SMS supports 2 football teams in the village of Granadita, a girls team and a boys team. In addition, we arrange football tournaments during the year, where SMS invites and pays transportation and drinks so that local football teams can meet and play against each other.

Since 2018 we have organized two traditional dancing crew (Cuadro de Danza), which present their traditional routine at special occasions. The reason we have wanted this is to make children and youth aware of their Honduran identity and that they have a lot to be proud of in the Honduran culture.


The Honduran community is permeated by distrust and lack of confidence in others. SMS try to facilitate that Hondurans experience other Hondurans contribute positively in their lives without thinking about if they will demand something in return.

For example, we regularly have support recipients who visit elderly in the village of Granadita, where they cook, clean and wash, both inside and out. Similarly, we have support recipients which do community cleaning.

Josue, a local coordinator, has started some volunteer groups who do volunteer work through SMS. These groups consist of people who help people in other communities. The volunteers in these groups receive only little support from SMS, but have a desire to help the more unfortunate countrymen. This is part of SMSs aim, to help Hondurans themselves to take responsibility and carry out voluntary work out of the need they experience locally.

In general, we want beneficiaries and communities to gain ownership of the vision of SMS, and that in the extension of it they will work to achieve this with us or on their own. It is only when we achieve this that real changes can take place.


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