We have had a program of Free food in Honduras since 2015. The Free food program is now located in the village of Granadita and has 39 members. These 39 children receive food 4 times a week from the end of January to the end of October (the public school year in Honduras).

In addition to food, the Free food program is an important venue for creating a safe environment for the children and youth, in a society where insecurity and lack of adult interaction are common. In order to create unity and a feeling of security, we focus on games and activities. We focus, among other things, on traditional Honduran children's games, where we also make these toys with the children necessary for these games.

Regularly we have lectures, informing about relevant topics. For example, this may concern values, substance abuse, child rights, hygiene, etc. Throughout the year, we hold meetings with guardians as well, also with lectures relevant topics.


Several days a week, there our volunteers help the children and youth with their homework, and in connection with the homework they get access to the internet. This is required from school, but few have access.

The Free food program is run by Lili and her husband Patico. They have formed a group of mothers who help with  the cooking.

Organsiasjonsnummer (Norge):       NO 913 984 528

Personería Jurídica (Honduras):       2016000564

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