Create opportunities together (SMS) has since 2014 educational support along the northern coast of Honduras. Today, we provide primary education support in the villages of Granadita and Rome. Educational support has included everything from teacher training, lectures to children, youth and their guardians, educational equipment, etc. The main focus has always been on educational support for children and youth. SMS supports children and youth from kindergarten to the university.

In Honduras it is "free" to attend school until high school. We write "free" because each student has to pay all the equipment, uniform and different costs at the school (in most cases, the state only helps with the salary of the teacher). In addition, if you live a place where you need transportation, the costs are quickly prohibitive for the family. SMS supports children and youth with what they need to complete school, but we require that they contribute with what they can.

In order to make the support for individuals a positive contribution to more than one beneficiary, SMS sets clear requirements for the individual in order to receive support. There may be lectures for guardians, counseling, social work, etc.


We also do offer help with homework to children and youth in the village of Granadita. SMS is so lucky to have with us Lili, an educated teacher.

Organsiasjonsnummer (Norge):       NO 913 984 528

Personería Jurídica (Honduras):       2016000564

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